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We carry ammunition.

Hornady Critical Defense, Remington Ultimate Defense, Winchester Defender and Federal Premium to name a few.

If we don’t have it in stock, we can special order your item at no additional cost.


Handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Handguns, rifles and shotguns.

We have it all.

We offer 90 day layaway with 20% down. Call us or stop by today!!

If we don’t have it in the store, let us order it for you. Special orders (in stock items only) usually arrive with 2-3 business days.




Targets – Targets – Targets

We have a wide selection of targets to pick from.



LTC classes


We offer LTC classes, Basic introduction to handguns, private lessons as well as private cleaning lessons.

Looking for something fun to do with your partner – give date night a try.

Be sure and check out our events tab for all the latest things happening at the range.

All events are posted on Facebook as well.

Follow us at @highcaliberwf


Firearms 101

We offer the following classes:

Intro to Handguns
Basic Handgun Shooting Course
License to Carry Class

Private lessons

Call us or stop by today to register
(Check out our Calendar for dates/times.)

Dark Range





Always wanted to shoot a zombie in the dark?

High Caliber has your chance to try!!

“Turn on the blacklights, please.”



Dark Range






High Caliber offers multiple membership packages for individuals and families.

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Retail Store

High Caliber has a wide selection guns and accessories available from friendly, knowledgeable sales staff. We have approximately 2500 sq ft of retail space and our gun vault is another 1000 sq ft.

Browse our selection


High Caliber offers premiere gunsmith services



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Meet the team

The High Caliber Team is dedicated providing excellent customer service. Whether you are looking to buy a gun or just shoot for fun, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.


Take a tour of our indoor shooting facility, retail sales area and indoor archery range.

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High Caliber offers a full service gun store, 10 indoor shooting lanes, indoor archery, lounge area, and a variety of classes and special events.

Welcome to High Caliber Gun Range.

Wichita Falls Premier gun range, there is nothing like it within 125 miles. We offer 10 lanes with 75 feet maximum target distance, indoor archery and a wide variety of services all within a clean, comfortable air conditioned environment for year round.

About Us

Wichita Falls first indoor shooting range is unique. A couple of unique, like-minded people put their heads together to bring you High Caliber Gun Range (HCGR).

Why Choose Us

In the Wichita Falls area, beating the heat would be the best reason. At 120 degrees in the shade, the avid hunter prefers an indoor facility for practice. For that matter, the hunter’s game would probably prefer to be hunted in a climate-controlled area.

Our Philosophy

At High Caliber Gun Range (HCGR), every client feels the honesty, integrity, and faith of the owners on a personal level. The reason? The owners pass the philosophy on to their staff who pass it to their customers.

Locations Served

Severe heat, driving rain, and tornado-like wind causes many avid gun enthusiasts to wish for a climate-controlled location in which to practice. Two such enthusiasts put their thoughts into action.