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High Caliber partners with local gunsmith Steve Tidwell for most all of your gunsmithing needs. We do however offer some services in house. Call us today for pricing.

In House services

  • Handgun cleaning
  • Rifle/shotgun cleaning

Boresight only

  • Optic install and sighting
  • Scope install and boresight
  • Install handgun sights

As the son of a Vietnam veteran, Steve Tidwell grew up with firearms. He had made a hobby of gunsmithing for years. After graduating from Wichita Falls High School, Steve attended Midwestern State University, achieving a BA in Psychology.

Steve began working in the HVAC field and has been in that profession for almost 25 years. The troubleshooting skills he has learned in this field helps him today in the gunsmithing trade. “Once you understand how the system operates, it doesn’t really matter what brand or make of the machine or firearm.” About 3 years ago, he decided to take his hobby to the next level by enrolling in the American Gunsmithing Institute’s professional course. “I’ve had great success and am looking forward to working with customers at High Caliber.”

Gunsmith Services Offers

Trouble shooting  

Sight install  

Firing pin repair

Strip cleaning  

Swivel install

Trigger jobs

Detail cleaning

Recoil pad install

Scope mount

Revolver tune  

Barrel bedding