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In the Wichita Falls area, beating the heat would be the best reason. At 120 degrees in the shade, the avid hunter prefers an indoor facility for practice. For that matter, the hunter’s game would probably prefer to be hunted in a climate-controlled area. Many people want an accessible facility where they can learn how to shoot and hit a target.

Gun enthusiasts and beginners come from a diverse mixture of people with common goals. They want an accessible facility that provides training for the beginner or those seeking their LTC. 

The owners of High Caliber Gun Range (HCGR) understand the needs of gun enthusiasts. They determined to make their goal simple. Provide a fun, safe environment for everyone and offer services with knowledgeable staff to assist with everyone’s needs. Age doesn’t matter nor does background. Anyone who wants to learn to shoot or just wants to hone their skills will enjoy HCGR.

HCRG supplies a one-of-a-kind experience for the Wichita Falls area. Imagine, no wind, rain, sleet, or hail to stop your practice. You no longer have to deal with the heat and humidity. Learn how to shoot or improve your skills with the help of an expert. .

The staff consists of knowledgeable people who combine their experience and know-how to provide you with exactly what you want. Improve your shooting skills, learn firearm safety, get your LTC, or choose the perfect firearm to purchase. HCGR provides it all.

The choice is simple. You can stand in the blazing heat and wind or drive a couple of hours to an indoor facility where you have to wait to shoot or can’t seem to get help. Or, choose HCGR for convenience and because it really is the best facility.